Are you seeking ways to breed and nurture different types of dragons as your pets? If yes, then you should try playing Dragon City game. This has become the most popular game all over the globe ever since it released the mobile version.

Dragon City game allows its players to enjoy a different new life where they can raise the dragons and their habitats. With more than 10 million players, the Dragon City is becoming the most well-known game on social media platforms.

Like every other mobile game, Dragon City also has in-game currencies like gold and gems. Players not only spend their time on nurturing and breeding the dragons, but they also need to complete different kinds of tasks to earn in-game currencies.

However, earning currencies by completing the tasks is time taking process and you will also only be able to earn limited currencies. If you want to upgrade your levels by breeding and nurturing your dragons, you need to have sufficient funds in your account.

This is why most players always look for ways to generate gems and gold. You don’t have to worry about this because you’ve reached us. We are here to help the players who are in need of gems and gold.

You can use the dragon city hack which is on our website to generate unlimited gems and gold.

About Dragon City Hack:

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How to use our hack tool?

  • It is also important to know the procedure of using our hack.
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By reading these steps, don’t you find using our hack tool easy? Don’t worry we will never ask for any personal information or we don’t hack your device. Once you generate the gems and gold, you can use these currencies in your Dragon City game and beat all the levels.

Why is our hack safe to use?

We know that you might have doubts regarding our hack tool. With so many existing hacks on the internet, it is very hard to believe if our hack tool is safe to use or not.

We have tested many hack tools and learned that they are scamming with the players just to earn some money. This is why we decided to design a tool that will help the players who are desperately in need of gold and gems.

With our tool, you don’t have to download anything in order to generate the currencies. All you have to do is to enter your username and the number of gems you want to generate.

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How to earn Dragon City currency for Free?

As the Dragon City is a popular game, you can find a number of websites which claim to provide unlimited gems and gold by using their generator.

However, most of these tools do not work and it is hard to find the legit working tool in countless generators. If you want to generate the currencies using legit methods, then try the below ways.

Log In Daily:

Do you know that logging into the game daily can help you earn gems for free? Though you earn a limited amount, it is still worth to log in every day as you don’t have to complete any task.

Earn Gems on Social Media Platform:

Dragon City helps you to earn unlimited gems and gold by simply subscribing on various social media platforms. You need to search for the pages where they offer free gems and utilize them to earn more rewards.

These platforms include Facebook Daily Calendar which provides various kinds of offers such as gems, gold, and food.

Reward Bonus on Monday:

You can earn rewards by logging into the PC on every Monday. You will be able to find three different options on the website. Each button offers a different reward where you have to select one and hope it is a big one.

Reward 1:

Out of three rewards, the first one can help you in getting elementary Dragons. These are not only just Dragons, but they also come with amazing features which help in boosting your level effectively.

Reward 2:

Another reward can help you in getting 5,000 Gold coins at free of cost. If you get this reward, then you are better than most players.

Reward 3:

This reward helps the players in getting 5 Gems and selecting this option is the luckiest thing you have ever done. Not all players, will be lucky enough to get this reward.

Earn Gold by inviting your friends to the Dragon City game:

What you heard is true! You can earn gems and gold by simply inviting your friends to play the game. All you have to do is send your invitation link from the app or website to your friends.

When your friend accepts your invitation and plays the game till level 15 then you can earn the currencies without doing anything.

Earn gems through Dragon City Quests:

Just like Roblox, Dragon City also offers quests to all the players. You can earn rewards such as gems or gold by completing these quests.

Every time you complete one task, you will rise up your reward. This means that in the first quest if you have been rewarded with 2 gems, then in the upcoming task you will be rewarded with 3 or 4 gems. This is how you can increase the chance of winning more gems.

Win Tournaments to earn gems:

When you win in a tournament, you can earn 2 gems. Depending on the dragon you have, you can get to participate in the tournaments. To get into the next tournament, you need to wait for some before then you can participate in another battle.

In a week, you can earn up to 4 gems, which means that in a month, you can earn up to 16 gems.

Participate in Combat or PvP:

Most of the rewards in the game come from battling and winning. PvP is the most common arena in the Dragon League where all the players get to battle with other player’s dragons.

For every battle you win, you can earn up to 3 to 6 gems. This is the most beneficial for the players who are using a mobile device.If you are playing PvP on the PC, then you can earn up to 2 gems by winning 7 times with your opponents.

Though these rewards are hard to earn, you can try winning the battles every 6 hours. For suppose, if you win all the battles in a day, then you can earn 8 gems on that particular day.

Earn gems by completing the Dragon Book Collection:

Players who complete the collection of Dragon Book will be rewarded with limited gems and gold in the game. Every time you complete a Dragon Book Collection, you can win gems.

Earn gems through Experience Points:

In the game, you will earn XP which are nothing but Experience points. These also help you in earning gems for free. You can earn more gems if you have more experience in the game. Earning the points also means that you are leveling up.

It is very important to increase your level because some dragons need a certain level to make them reach their full potential.

These are all the legit ways to earn the gems and gold in the Dragon City game. We are sure that you will enjoy the game as you have learned the best and working ways to generate the gems.

How to make use of your Gems?

Gems are the main currency in the Dragon City game. So you need to plan on how to use them because earning them is not at all easy in the game.

Make sure to not waste your precious gems on unwanted things like hatching, speeding up breeding, decorations, farming, and more. Just use them only for the most important things.

You can use these gems for unlocking high breed dragons and nurturing your dragon with a variety of skills. The main goal of you should be, becoming the best dragon trainer and gold collector in the game. Also, you should make the best team so that you can win during battles.

Things to remember when using the Dragon City Hack:

Even though using the Dragon City Hack can help you in experiencing fun and easy part, there are a few things which you need to consider while playing.

When you are moving forward in the game you need more food to raise your dragon and also you need other tools to move between the levels. This hack tool can help you in getting gems and gold for free which further helps in unlocking a variety of dragons.

Also, these cheats will help you to focus on the game and elements which are important. This tool works on Android, iOS, and Windows as well.

You don’t have to download or jailbreak anything to generate the gems and gold. In rare cases, it just asks you to complete a survey to make sure that you are not a robot. You can use this hack unlimited times to generate unlimited food, gems, and gold.

If you don’t have sufficient gold, then you have to reduce the consumption of food. This will slow down your growth in levels. This is why you need to have enough gold and gems so that you can progress in the game smoothly.


In the beginning, you might feel this game a bit confusing as there are so many things you need to remember. But as you continue playing, you will get addicted to it and always engaged in the game to complete the tasks.

With our hack tool, you can earn the gems and gold very easily. You can use these anytime from anywhere around the world. With this, you can have access to all the available resources in the game.

We strongly believe that once you play the game you will know the advantage of our tool. If you would like to share your views or if you have questions about our tool, please feel free to comment below.